Forensic Advisory

In a world of growing legislative, normative and regulatory complexity, with unprecedented levels of pressure to achieve ambitious growth rates, cases of rule-breaking, misappropriation and misappropriation of assets have multiplied in organizations.

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    Our specialized and accredited teams assist clients in responding to complaints or suspected irregularities in various regions of the globe, as well as in regulatory investigations or violations of anti-corruption laws.


    We react quickly and confidentially to protect the assets and reputation of organizations and, where necessary, suggest and implement prevention and detection measures to reduce the likelihood of new occurrences of a similar nature.


Forensic Accounting

Whenever our clients encounter alerts, or problems of an economic-financial nature, to which they cannot find obvious explanations and answers and which make perfect sense, we are usually faced with situations in which the intervention of financial or forensic accountants specialists is required.


For this type of situation, we provide our clients with a dedicated and accredited team whose function is to find and bring the answers to the problems presented.


Forensic Investigations

Our multidisciplinary team of investigators supports our clients in matters involving suspicions or allegations of possible fraud, appropriation of assets, regulatory and legal violations and improper behavior. We have accompanied our clients in investigations concerning cases of:

  • Corruption and bribery;
  • False invoices;
  • Fraud in procurement processes;
  • Misappropriation of assets;
  • Money laundering;
  • Tax fraud.
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    Our forensic financial investigators have extensive experience in examining DNA from financial statements, analyzing email records as well as large volumes of information and documents using Big Data tools, and conducting interviews to gauge and decipher the most complex fraud schemes in financial statements. We are also able to discover and preserve evidence and ensuring its admissibility in court whenever necessary.