We provide consulting services to public and private entities, government agencies, among others, in matters of great economic and regulatory complexity.

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    We work with companies, government agencies and law firms to provide them with robust and understandable economic and financial analysis on topics of great technical complexity, helping them to understand the problems and opportunities they face.


    We provide factual, independent and critical insights, if necessary supported by expert testimony on legal and regulatory procedures, as well as contribute to the public discussion of strategic decision-making and public policy debates.

Antitrust & Competition Economics

Kepler integrates consultants specializing in Competition and Abuse of Dominant Position issues, ready to assist clients in developing innovative solutions on a wide range of economic and regulatory issues

We have extensive experience in developing and applying economic and financial models to analyze and quantify alleged complex damages.

The analysis of damages in complex litigation generally requires the establishment of causality between the contested actions and the alleged damages, as well as the estimation of the prices that would have prevailed, the volumes that would have been sold, the profits that would have been obtained, the commercial value that would have been achieved or other results that would have occurred in the absence of the alleged violations.


Transport, Mobility & Infra.

We help our clients use economic analysis, econometrics and modeling to analyze complex issues that occur across the spectrum of regulated sectors such as pricing, revenue assessment, cost quantification and risk management.


Our specialists combine academic expertise with solid knowledge of the sectors and markets in which regulated companies operate.


Valuation for economics

Organizations manage an increasing range of strategic decisions and challenges that require foresight, valuation and experience. In addition to common sense, evaluation is a complex process that requires a combination of fundamental analysis and industry experience. Providing a value opinion requires a mastery of accounting, finance, economics and a comprehensive knowledge of valuation principles and methodology. Our team provides the knowledge that allows a conclusion to be reasonable and defensible.


Escrow Agent

Escrow deposits are increasingly used in commercial transactions, as a guarantee of verification and compliance with certain assumptions, which have been agreed between the parties, namely in the drafting of contracts and agreements signed by them. These escrow deposits are placed with a credit institution and are released, for one or other part of the transaction, provided that the associated assumptions are verified.

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    As a result of our past experience, both in M&A processes and in Due Diligence and Commercial Disputes, we fully understand the challenges to which an Escrow Agent is subject. In a large number of cases, the non-existence of Escrow Agents leads to erroneous decisions being made or backed up by “expressly” ambiguous, complex and too generalistic rules or conditions leading to situations contrary to the initial spirit of the settlement and, consequently, new litigation cases.


    We are confident that we can play a key role in these processes, independent, impartial and qualified, that we can interpret the spirit and nature of the contract, that we understand deeply the rationale and impact of the rules and conditions associated, deciding whether or not the assumptions and conditions agreed between the parties are met. This decision is then communicated to the escrow bank which executes the release of the escrow amounts accordingly.