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We use cookies on this site. Cookies are small text files that a website installs on your device through which you navigate when you access it. Cookies allow a website to remember your browsing actions and preferences for a certain period of time and are therefore used by us to process and manage your requests most efficiently, as well as to develop and improve our services and the operation of this website.

We note that, in general, Cookies do not include details that can be used to identify you, only the device you are using.
The user has, at any time, the possibility to configure his browser to accept all cookies, to notify him when a cookie is issued or not to receive any cookies. How you do this depends on the browser you use. Please refer to the “Help” function of your browser. If you accept cookies, they may remain on your computer for many years unless you delete them. If you turn off cookies you may be limited by the use of websites in general. The following is a list of the main cookies we use, and what their function is.
The cookies used on this site are the following:


Cookies strictly necessary and Functionality

Cookies are installed in order to enable or optimize the features offered by the website and to improve the user’s browsing experience.


Analytical Cookies

When you fill out the forms provided on our site, your personal information (such as name, email, phone number or address) is collected by Kepler Forensic Partners and processed in order to respond to your questions and requests or to provide you with information.
Your consent is essential for Kepler to process your personal information for certain purposes; however, if you choose not to give your consent, your visit to and use of our site will not be affected.


Third Party Cookies

We sometimes use third-party web services to display content within our website, for example, to display images or videos or to conduct surveys. Like sharing buttons for social networks, we cannot prevent these external websites or domains from collecting information about the use made of this embedded content.
Analytical and third-party cookies are controlled by external entities, so it is impossible to guarantee that the cookie list remains unchanged.
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